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Maximize quality and control by generating a digital replica of your business process

Manufacturing, Production, Forging, Assembling, or any business process for that matter— Process Intel is the suited way to go.
The prowess of the system can be used to digitize any process in the workplace to fit your needs. Define your materials, workstations, plants, and events. Deduce Inspection Plans on the basis of foundation data. Progressive mobile app for lot inspections. Forms and flows to go around paper-based and complex workflows, sensors integration, watches, and much more in the store.
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Process Intel is one of the leading, Industry 4.0, market tool to faux the digital twin of your conventional business process to improve the visibility and clarity of even the minutest details of the process to achieve the highest standards of quality and control. It empowers you to exchange data for internal and external reporting actively, multi-stages build stations, end-of-line inspection, live reporting, and complete build cycle visibility, providing actionable intelligence to go defects-free.

A Sneak Peak into the Future

Numerous features make Process Intel one of the best in the business.

Foundation Data

Define your plant, workstation, event, materials, and building conditions before inspection plan creation.

Inspection Plan

Create Inspection plans and define qualitative, quantitative steps to highlight the quality checkpoints further with the help of visual attachments.

Inspection Lots

Create inspection lots according to well-defined inspection plans. A single plan can be utilized on multiple sites.

Forms & Flows

Extract relevant information while inspecting and also from the team with pre-defined approval groups.

Sensors' Integration

NIOTFY enables end-to-end IoT integration with Process Intel to increase overall process quality and control.

Watches to Broadcast

Communicate with your team using the broadcasting tool. Share the updates and announcements with details.

Enhanced Reports

In-depth reports and analytics based on QIM standards for high-level and low-level internal and external reporting.

Mobile Application

A portable, and user-friendly mobile application with the ease of online and offline modes.

Choose your plan


$ 70
Per Month
  • ✓ Users: 20
  • ✓ Storage Capacity: 50 GBs
  • ✓ Define Foundation Data
  • ✓ Deduce Inspection Plan
  • ✓ Create Inspection Lots


$ 80
Per Month
  • ✓ Users: 50
  • ✓ Storage Capacity: 125 GBs
  • ✓ Define Foundation Data
  • ✓ Deduce Inspection Plan
  • ✓ Create Inspection Lots
  • ✓ Forms and Plans
  • ✓ +$10 for Integration


$ 130
Per Month
  • ✓ Users: 75 & more
  • ✓ Storage Capacity: 250 GBs
  • ✓ Define Foundation Data
  • ✓ Deduce Inspection Plan
  • ✓ Create Inspection Lots
  • ✓ Forms and Plans
  • ✓ +$50 for Dynamic RCA